We don’t get used to it” ، storyteller movie but average”

       “A note on “We don’t get used to it

        Directed by Ibrahim Ibrahimian

سینما فستیوال

. We don’t get used to it” is an entartining storyteller movie but a B-Picture one”

It’s storyteller because events occure in a specified time and place atmosphere and the drama source of the movie is reality which makes it,entertaining and that’s the main and the most specification of a cine film

.Although,”We don’t get used to it” is a B-picture

It lacks of a good narration and audiences always wonder “How could it be possible?” Actors play typically which often reminds us Actors don’t fit the roles.MohammadRezaForoutan is like an automation,HadisMirAmini Basically didn’t understand the motivations of character or character is soulless or she is not the best choice for the character but of course,The first one to blame is the screenwriter then the second one is the wrong choice and at last,Thedirector.In my viewpoint,HadisMirAmini and her character is just a simple villager young girl but not at all,a divorcee who is the rival wife of another woman,too

And HadiyehTehrani substantially is the wrong choice for this role and she resembles her character in “Unruled Paper-NaserTaghvaei”,Abloveall,She doesn’t play a supporting role in the movie.SarehBayat as well plays the usuall character with the usuall acts and her unified voice,etc

“We don’t  get used to it” looses pace excessively and actions and reactions of the story and visual effects of the movie are too poor despite of the presence of famous actors and especially,HamidRezaAzarang who brings the joy to the movie,makes people bored and audiences try hard not to leave the theater

“We don’t get used to it” despite of some reviews I’ve read about this movie,doesn’t end with an open ending but finishes the story,completelyAlthough it may not be accepted by the viewers but that’s the way,movie is so they try to look for their favourite ending

Written by : Elmira naddaf

Translated by : Farzad Jamshid Danaei

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