No story:No drama And No pace

         “? A note on “Where are my shoes

          A Movie by Kiomars PourAhmad

سینما فستیوال

Those ones who want to understand the meaning of this quote:”This Movie has no story to tell.”,I suggest them to watch “Where are may shoes?” A movie by KiomarsPourAhmad

This movie has no story to tell and its’ primary plot and idea can be summarized in this phrase:”An alone man who suffers from Alzheimer.” The rest of story is forceley pinned to the movie and narrates its’ story,intersectingly which makes no sense because there’s no logical narration behind the movie.The film changes pace all the time,Lacks of Suspensions and Resolutions beside watershed,peak and conclusion

Everything happens all of sudden.Chaos and tragedy occurs suddenly.And solves suddenly,too.WhyBita and her mother left Habib?Why they come back to him?Why they stay?Is the presence of uncle in this movie necessary?What’s the role of nosy cousin?What is the tragedy?Whose fault is it?and at the end,all of sudden,we come to this conclusion,his wife is a smuggler plus auch kinds of meaningless,irrevelant and circularity plots and sub-plots

Weakness of the story effects the whole movie:Bita speaks English ridiculously and very funny,Bahar dialogues are good for nothing,Fake anxious of uncle badly and exaggerately played by MajidMozaffari,andHabib role by Reza kianian which is ridiculous and funny rather than being effective and moving.Character of RoyaNonahali changes unexpectedly and cluelesly from a swearing woman behind the monitor to a caring housewife which viewers never understand what and why this dramatic change happened but you can expand this weakness to the whole story

“Where are my shoes?” is not a dramatic movie despite of its’ name although it’s a ridiculous film which can be defined with this phrase:”Nostory,No drama and No Pace”

Written by : Elmira naddaf

Translated by : Farzad Jamshid Danaei

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