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It's one of Balance's most powerful spells. Therefore, Snowball Barrage should be doing 82.5 damage per pip value. The fact that it barely does more than the Rank 4 Storm Spell is concerning. But the taunt mechanic doesn't compromise the damage on their spell. Then the first path increases the damage and leaves the defeat blade percentage while the second tier leaves the damage and increases the defeat blade percentage. Thoughts: A miniscule nerf in exchange for keeping the double disarm is fine. The storm lord stun is nice but the accuracy is lower than all of these spells and the damage is lower than myth and fire? I’m happy giving it up for more damage. First, I’m going to had wave a bit and say that Ice’s shadow dpp is around 110. This will take some time to find the perfect numbers though. Wizard101 - New Utility Spells (PVE/PVP) [1] Hey everyone #diarykids #twizards mentioned new ranked spells for pve/pvp in my prior post . However, Storm doesn’t have many utility options associated with it. I never ever meet an worse MMO provoke system, than in w101. The largest and most comprehensive Wizard101 Wiki for all your Wizard101 needs! Life should very happy with their new spell. Once again fire dragon? I feel like they should have just made efreet a 9 pip and rain of fire an 8 pip, that way efreet could keep the damage it had. Ice didn’t gain much from the update, because it was already where it belonged. Where it struggles a little bit is against its non-shadow, 7-pip counterpart, Orthrus. What is KI thinking?. Daybreaker Spellements. During the audit, new content, equipment, and spells will be added, along with increased level caps, to help set the game up for years of future growth. Myth is already an underplayed school for PvE. Estimated Reading Time: Long-time readers know that I always review and showcase new spells in … It's a little unfortunate given the possibilities with witches and cauldrons and black licorice and everything we might have seen used from Karamelle for this spell. Wizard101 - New Level 48 Spells Storm Lord Storm wizard spell Allows an attack on all opponents, dealing a 690 health hit, and then forcing them to … Well obviously the point of storm was to have damage, if you take damage away you ruin the purpose of storm. *Today covering incorporating these conceptual utility spells into Wizard101 officially + certain spells used by advanced bosses (i.e. Storm lord does 690 Thoughts: With the spell still keeping its utility, a damage reduction was necessary. $('[data-toggle="tooltip"]').tooltip(); Even without the effect, the damage is good enough to make this spell one worth using for Life wizards. Thoughts: Not a huge nerf, especially since Life has some alternative hits. Well I think Snowball barrage should probably just be a hit instead of a X pip. This is the only spell that doesn't use any existing models or anything directly out of Karamelle but is more based on folklore, which feels appropriate for Myth. Personally, I’d prefer to see it lose the stun (and the same for Storm Lord), since the rank 7 spells seem (currently) to be intended as pure damage spells, as opposed to the later spells which provide utility. Myth: WHOOP WHOOP! While Mystic Colossus can remove a shield beforehand, that's not always necessary and the confuse effect is one that might convince Myth players to swap between the two. Next, factor in the AoE reduction. Thoughts: With the reduced accuracy and damage while still keeping the 800 absorb, this spell is balanced in my opinion. While Taztlewurm Terror at its top end has a chance to do more damage than Orthrus, chances are it'll do less. This is a pretty interesting effect, but I'm not sure quite how useful it'll be. Yikes. Honestly, they should just make it cap at 10 pips for 85 per pip. Which is 30 damage more than the 7 pip difference. THESE CHANGES WERE SO NEEDED. If you think a utility should be added just to reduce the damage, you haven’t argued why that’s good, and the utility added in place matters tremendously to the balancing of the spell. In this article I will analyze the current iterations of each and every Karamelle spell and provide my thoughts on how they will function in PvP and PvE. The drop rate? However, with the removal of the taunt, this spell might see a higher use in group PvE. Grandfather Spider awaits in the Sands of Time for the final duel of Mirage. Mattnetic confirmed on Twitter that he planned to do a full spell audit, and KingsIsle has definitely put the hard work into this gruelling task. Thoughts: Being able to do about a thousand damage for 4 pips is too strong in my opinion. Is. Because it's so much more common to use spells as a one-hit-knockout, the top path seems like the best choice, but hear me out. Personally, I’d like to see enemies nerfed to the point where you don’t need to stack blades to win, (though it would be a great option), because it could make spells like that much more useful. They don't offer any sort of increase to the effect like most other spells do, but instead offer the choice to increase the damage range or focus the damage with no range. And that forces them to create new mechanics – like Shadow pips – to keep spells progressing. It’s not supposed to be the most powerful myth AoE – just the most expensive. If you want to do damage, you use your rank 7 spell (unless you’re Ice and it’s a utility spell instead for some reason). Just why? I was super angry seeing the week 1 changes and thinking they were just killing the game for the hell of it but seeing these weekly changes side by side really helps. Wizard101 Celestian Lore Spells: A Review July 08, 2020 Test Realm, Videos, Wizard101. I mean, with all these changes I have no clue what school to make my next wiz. This is a tougher choice, and I would generally lean toward the damage again. The idea is that it should have some utility, and not just be all damage, which brings down the damage total. I'm fine with this effect and this spell as it is, but for the sake of practicality, it isn't a great match. With good accuracy and decent damage, lots of multi-hit spells, and not to mention op minions, myth definitely is one of the best schools. Tatzlewurm Terror is probably the most interesting of all the new spells. Guides, Pets, Spells, Quests, Bosses, Creatures, NPCs, Crafting, Gardening and more! But let's compare it to Myth's other AoE offerings. The largest and most comprehensive Wizard101 Wiki for all your Wizard101 needs! I think that compared to some of the other spells, this one might be a little powerful. This subreddit is for anyone who enjoys the Wizard101 MMO. Yet Myth has a 700 aoe for 7 pips that has higher damage than storm… Buff storm lord to 760 or 790 at least. }); So what do you think about these spell changes? I believe the right balance was found to be in line with the other spells. Overall, the KI developers really put a lot of work into the first major patch of Summer 2020’s test realm. I like the change to Ra – it’s not meant to do damage at this point. Thoughts: Minor as it was, I’m not really sure why this change was made. I’m happy the nerf was made. Bundle i... Save 25% OFF Pirate101 12 Month Membership - Ends Sunday! So let’s see what it looks like. WE ALL are myth from here on out! You can see multiple endings to a fight, and choose the best route to take. Sirens at 9 pips: 730 Storm: The new utility spell is Remove PVP Sigil. A P101 Thought Experiment #2, An oldie but a goodie! I have no clue what to do. Myth wizards could make this more of a specialty spell by taking the second tier and utilizing it on tough bosses and in PvP.

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