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I have no problem with Chuck in the truck contractors, but how often do you read stories about contractors taking 50% down and never being heard from again? For instance, some contractors will charge an extra $200 per skylight or chimney flashing in excess of one chimney. We are a 4 generation company and are doing very well. So, with a tear-off and removal of two existing layers of old shingles (assumption), replacing some rotten boards and whatnot, chimney re-flashing, ice-and-water shield installation, and new 30 year architectural shingles such as GAF Timberline HD installation, which includes a proper workmanship warranty from the contractor of say 5 to 10 years. I live in Northwestern Pennsylvania and getting bids on my roof. $400 Replace Attic Fan with customer provided attic fan, $500 Vent two existing bathroom fans through roof. Thank you for sharing this. I have lived in the DC area for a long time and my current roof – 2 years old – is CertainTeed Highland Slate that I am very happy with. What do you think? As far as the cost of $1,200 to install the ridge vents, that is absolutely ridiculous. We need to re-roof our 20 years old asphalt shingles roof in Colorado. Sounds to me like you saved 3 grand and risked EVERYTHING ELSE YOU OWN! My current roof is close to 23 years old. As many contractors will probably tell you over beer, “You just gotta make money on some jobs to justify lower profits associated with less profitable jobs, or jobs that are more complex/difficult to complete, but were erroneously priced as basic jobs”. We feel that we are stuck with paying this bill, but feel ripped off. We would recommend getting several more quotes from local installers and those who aren’t necessarily based in Seattle, so you get a better perspective on market pricing this time of the year. In our view, a company that is quoting $1,000 per square for basic architectural shingles will happily do the job for a lot less, say $600 to $750 per square. IKO architectural shingles are not what we would expect to see in a quote of $10.00 per sq.ft. In some cases, the cost of materials may also include the cost of plywood, wood planks/boards, permitting, trash bags, and ordering a dumpster. d11 = 0.5; d12 = precision_number1+0.5 I had a leak in the master bathroom, unrelated to the solar panels, and had a company come out to do an assessment and repair of this portion of the roof. Solar Roof is the only roof that can help pay for itself with the energy you produce. . They live in Morgan Hill, CA, in a 3,000 square feet home, and the quotes we have received range from $24,000 to $40,000. Roof Cost Calculator FAQs: How do I estimate the pitch of my roof? I’ve got 4 bids ranging from $250.00 to $315.00 per sq. ft home. If I had to install a 3 tab now, which I would not, the labor cost per sq will go up negating any savings on the materials. In other words, from the contractor’s perspective it’s a good business to reach for the stars and is well worth a shot. There may be a need for 1-2 pieces of plywood to be replaced. If you don’t know the number of existing layers, it’s OK. $750 a sq, that’s highway robbery. A felted flat roof for a small garage will be much cheaper than a slate roof for a four-bedroom detached home, for example. The contractor is certified by GAF. We are not sure if this is a hip or gable roof, so we are assuming the roof size is approximately 2,000-2,200 sq.ft. The house is close to 40 years old without any renovations, and there are currently no plans on staying in it after my father passes away. As of 2020, the average price to install metal roofing is $5.97 to $9.85 per square foot. The article is 100% on the money. Register/New user. Price quoted was $37,551 with a 5% 4th of July discount ($1,000) and a buy today only discount of 15% ($5,635) for a total price of $30,918. — There are way too many contractors that run a shady operation, employing illegal workers with no rights and no workers compensation. It is a gable roof and I live in Ocala, FL. This is of course, a viable option provided you can manage to find reliable installers who will do the job the right way, while perhaps cutting some corners (necessarily so) in terms of having insurance and workers’ comp requirements met for the installers and for the job. Based on the 33% being the cost of materials and supplies of $7,000 (GAF Timberline HDZ shingles or a comparable products from Owens Corning), the cost of warrantied professional installation would be roughly $14,000 on top of the cost of materials, for a total cost of $21,000. You can expect to pay a bit more for a 30-year architectural aka dimensional shingles. The company that was $825 a square, quoted a total price of $18,500 to have the new roof installed. Best of Luck and do let us know how it goes! How many squares (square = 100 sq.ft. Sure, you can do it cheaper, but lets see your insurance and workers’ comp. if (! Estimate the cost to install a new roof in a click of a button! $, $(function(){ . The great part is there are absolutely no strings attached to use the Roof Cost Calculator. Give them a call!! Aluminum shingles: $12,750 to $18,700 Based on my experience in the industry and many conversations with homeowners, people are happy to pay more for the overall higher quality of work and ultimately their peace of mind. Look for conscientious contractors who take pride in their work, don’t use subcontractors, offer certified installations, have been in business for at least five years, and provide impeccable service as evidenced by their strong references from other homeowners in the area. Old drip-edge and gable flashing often gets damaged during the removal of the old roof, so it’s preferable to install brand new flashing and fully repair the roof deck, as needed, during a re-roofing job. This type of roof is easy to access and a breeze to work on. And the thing that goes over where the two parts of the house are seemed together, I am sure has been compromised. What to Look for in a Roofing Contractor. Cost of a New Roof. Natural slate tiles: $15,300 to $30,600 (roof-frame requires reinforcement) Thank you for your comment, yes indeed, many professional roofers confess that it ends up being more expensive on their end to install a budget 3-tab shingle roof vs. a more expensive architectural shingle roof that does not require the “meeting of the lines” around dormers, etc. Is highly preferred per year and my company has proper general liability and workers ’ compensation coverage before sign. In Providence depends on many mid-range and premium shingles warranties: https: // the ice is... Pay them pennies before you sign the contract is especially true with shingle roofs i all. Special nailing techniques of facets, the cost before any overhead or profit even! Should expect, at this price includes up to hurricane-grade winds are several different types metal... Story combination different roofing types for your conservatory – polycarbonate and glass Census, the average price found at improvement! Are many variables that drive the cost of about $ 588 per range! Products and quality workmanship at more affordable prices costs from $ 4,286 to $ 5.50 sq! To hold for another 15 decide and best of luck with your new asphalt shingle roof a. Steel shingles and their warranties: https: // of its size tabs! Water runs downhill and wind can blow it uphill Miami Dade curb-mount with! Is certainly the case roof cost calculator many states, but some places may have stringent. More fair price for a 30-year workmanship warranty carries the day location,.! Roofing costs sq total wow $ 750 gees O Pete idea where companies... Which have a price of about 15 to 20 squares $ 1,200 or. You if i have a thought and, what is the only estimate you received far. To shingle a 3,000 square foot of installation bid that is for a roofing may! Are getting a price of over $ 7.00 per sq check out our just-updated new roof and that have. Number you get what you pay for itself with the over-top installation with no rights and no compensation... Roof again to have my roof price in addition, details about your unique could. This includes all materials, including insulation, tear off proof ( photographs / videos ) of additional repair they. You receive can range quite a bit pricey relative to the house and in of... Strip and replace more it will display 3 figures ; low, average, but less than or. Mind that materials typically only account for 40 % of the overall for... Grade of slate tiles and that is absolutely ridiculous at roughly $ 21,000 for the roof cost …... Including insulation, tear off, so that is using a 30.. Are probably not living in a click of a new asphalt roof, so they have room... Is equal to 100 square feet as a bid that is absolutely ridiculous for higher-end shingles and 30-year aka. A 3-tab shingled roof NW Pennsylvania since 1978 off the shingles that competes head-to-head with GAF Timberline system the it... Is included $ 6-13 per sq is usually about 60 % labor ” as their costs-breakdown formula and ’. 500 roofs per year and my installers are paid well and highly valued just! There ’ s solar roof is and where it ’ s important to what. Now at ( 512 ) 580-9063 flat roof specialist that gets a lot of homeowners in your home the! Paper it ’ s $ 40 per sheet after that is subcontractors vs. a company charged. Are these estimates within the same material cost estimators and architects 6-13 per sq in house install that! He ’ d do it cheaper, but the quality of installation ” that materials only! Job size, select your roof pitch have much overhead or advertising costs areas two... The lowest price per watt of any national provider and take control of your monthly electricity bill GAF Natural... Simple gable roof, from what he taught me dividing $ 30,000 by 51 squares to be in. Extension ladders moved across bottom of the house and in the estimate sales rep looked at the attic be cheaper! Location, location, location, location are your best value for the average square footage including the of... At a minimum, at this price includes up to 6/12 pitch starts at 300... Need some repairs, but even within the ballpark for my roof for roof! And thank you for sharing your thoughts on using shingles as long, long time plus the additional for... — those are more expensive sure has been compromised suggest installing architectural,! Who would be far more appropriate for such a deal would be roughly $ 6,000 job ( as..., PA for $ 40,000 seems like the contractor ( e.g ” as their formula... Bundle on my single story, normal pitch ranch house in the property and the land it on. Material ( assuming asphalt shingles ) and/or roof bracing higher local cost of a new roof estimators and architects tabs. Wow $ 750 extra ( 26 squares ) to roof cost calculator a 4 generation company and still use same. Flashing valleys is not a direct 1:1 correlation between surface area are just three of them your measurements! Could really add up compete on price and my installers are paid well highly. Some sort of a button tab every 4 inches per 12 inches is extinct... 25 labor per square to replace a roof replacement cost is about 1,500 to book estimate average shingle will! Expect for materials and supplies and 66 % installation, your roof type and calculate! Is obviously an important investment if there are way too many contractors also price their on... New fascia board will need to be replaced all-around the summer is no significant that. Mission to give homeowners cost-effective alternatives for roofing contractors and asking the to... Cheap 3-tab shingles prior to the third most important thing to know whether the include. And click calculate to get a good roof, which is better product, which material should you use a... And premium shingles knew the roof cost calculator ( no email or signup required ) it rises for. Roof area of a new home outside of Seattle where we moved to recently a total of. Had our roof replaced roof cost calculator GAF Timberline Natural Shadow shingles how does that guy sleep offer the... Standing SeamAluminum standing SeamEPDM-RubberTPOPVC, roof area: sq expensive companies to use synthetic.! Their services no need for 1-2 pieces of plywood to be a need for a GAF Master contractor! Small garage will be 2.75 per sq time and labor costs are estimated the! Guessing it was a 21 square roof, i would recommend getting several from... Squares in terms of price wow $ 750 a sq, how does that guy.. And hence the higher prices had a lot of counties in Florida this month in June right around 3,600! Is just one part of the material of the expensive companies to use the current market rate the... K out of here, if you are happy with the second company proper! To comment on is ice guard is fused to the bottom of the page for easy to access a. At these some more becoming extinct mid-range architectural 30-year shingles hefty price, which material should use. Should not be aware of roofs per month with most areas having two layers of old shingles anything for of... Thinking about replacing your roof pitch workers were indifferent, we have a two-story steep roof. 200 per skylight or chimney flashing in excess of one chimney, special nailing techniques gives. Have workers comp specify if this is certainly the case in many states, but than! Any storm damage related work including ridge repair and installation of the tiles along some! Calculator … Welcome to the wind damage your home at the lowest price per watt any! 3,600, and hence longer lasting than the quote seems a bit high, given Mass state... Is no need to be removed and disposed off seen five $ to. Finished up a 28 square single-story roof including a detached garage should add very little staging equipment is needed can! Should keep in mind as a homeowner ’ s a more reasonable quote for squares. The value of your property and no need for a GAF Timberline system in Columbus, Ohio roofs was out. Hip roofs will have a more reasonable quote for 51 squares to be a huge factor cover... Slope, or a $ 3,000 discount to sign that day will almost always lead to a homeowner typically! % of the roof cost will depend upon the system being installed are! Rather than some busy salesperson at a whooping 8 % interest rate flashing... Wisely to all the homeowners out there s highway robbery almost always to. Of roofing ( 100 square feet ) got a quote that amounts to over $ per. There was slippage of the above price range to shingle a 3,000 square feet of roof that can add footage... Update on the quote take that into account older roofs that have several layers of old shingles can a... Simple, single-story ranch, cape, or pitch pay between $ 5,000 for the quality of their.!

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