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AC-70 Dismissal of Tenured or Tenure-Eligible Faculty Members, Changed Vice President for Research to Senior Vice President for Research. View policies. Also, the dean must include this statement in his or her letter when soliciting evaluations from external reviewers. View policies. Faculty members from the former Commonwealth Educational System who retain tenure in a University Park college will have four levels of review. The general policies and procedures to be used should be made widely known within departments, campuses, colleges* and the University Libraries. Both equity and the long-range interests of the institution, however, require directing primary attention to University needs and priorities at the time of appointment and careful intermediate and longer range academic personnel planning. The criteria have purposely been made general in the expectation of further definition and elaboration by each academic unit. Experience 3. Research Professor, Associate Research Professor, Assistant Research Professor, and Researcher: appointments to these positions correspond to faculty appointments concerning promotion as follows - the rank of research professor corresponds to professor, the rank of associate research professor corresponds to associate professor, the rank of assistant research professor corresponds to assistant professor, the rank of researcher corresponds to lecturer and instructor. Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs . Tenure and promotion standards, therefore, cannot be fixed and absolute, but will reflect to some extent the varying competitive positions of the University in attracting faculty. The University's complex organization and multiple missions make these academic judgments vital, since no one set of criteria can apply equally to all faculty members in all programs. All levels of review shall be serial. Candidates for tenure and promotion to Associate Professor in the School of Public Affairs are expected to accumulate a recognized body of scholarship; demonstrate effectiveness in teaching; and extend service using their expertise for the benefit of the College, larger community, and profession. It is used throughout Penn State as the standard for promotion and tenure activity and became available at the College of Medicine in November 2019. 10. Only tenured faculty should be eligible to serve on peer tenure and promotion committees, and only faculty of higher rank than the candidate should make recommendations about promotion. Human Resources Policies. The presumption is that a positive tenure decision for an assistant professor is sufficient to warrant promotion to associate professor. Get the LMS Buying Guide. Each academic unit (e.g., department, college, and University Libraries) of the University should take responsibility for developing detailed review procedures, supplemental to and consonant with general University procedures, as guidelines for promotion and tenure. All tenured professors, librarians, and other faculty of equivalent rank holding full-time standing appointments are eligible for election by the Senate or for appointment by the President with the following exclusions: the President's immediate staff, the Executive Vice President and Provost's immediate staff, persons holding affiliate academic appointments, and deans. This policy shall apply in its entirety to all full-time regular academic personnel. Promotion Policy for Specialist officer in banks. Promotion and tenure policy and procedures for tenure-track (standing) faculty members in the College of Medicine may be found in the Promotion and Tenure Statement of the Dean of the College of Medicine and in Penn State University Policy AC-23. II - Former Commonwealth Educational System Faculty Retaining Tenure at a University Park College: There will be four levels of review. Standards for notice of non-reappointment for tenure-eligible positions are as follows: Faculty members who will not be continued in tenure-eligible positions shall be notified in writing. This staying of the tenure provisional period is not necessarily linked to a leave of absence with or without salary. A tenured faculty member may be dismissed for adequate cause (see Section IV.9). The second-level faculty review shall be conducted by tenured faculty in the candidate's college, and the corresponding administrative review by the dean of the candidate's college. Accordingly, evaluations will be influenced by such considerations of relative standing. Although the tenure and promotion process is geared, narrowly and properly, to evaluating individual performance, the changing needs and priorities of the institution may also affect the decision to grant tenure or award promotion. The initial review will usually take place at the level of the department (or campus as appropriate) and will focus on professional and scholarly judgments of the quality of the individual's academic work. At each level, the review process will reflect the competence and perspective of the review body. In unusual circumstances, e.g., insufficient numbers of tenured and higher-ranked faculty, exceptions to this provision may be permitted by the Executive Vice President and Provost on request by the academic unit. Switch to a better LMS. Fixed-term faculty may not be promoted to a tenure-track position, although such faculty may apply for such positions when openings occur and national searches to fill them are announced. Likewise, such diversity within the University entails promotion and tenure arrangements specifically tailored to the mission and organizational structure of its various academic units (e.g., department, college, and University Libraries). Careful advance program and academic personnel planning, with phased adjustments over time, should operate to limit the necessity of terminating a tenured appointment. Termination of a continuous appointment because of financial exigency should be demonstrably bona fide. All tenured or tenure-eligible appointments are made in an academic college or the University Libraries. Librarian, Associate Librarian, and Assistant Librarian: appointments to these positions correspond to other faculty appointments concerning promotion and grant of tenure as follows - the rank of librarian corresponds to professor, associate librarian to associate professor, assistant librarian to the rank of assistant professor, and affiliate librarian to the rank of instructor. In addition, each Department in the College of Medicine has a Promotion and Tenure policy that is aligned with that of the College and University. The officer has to complete a minimum of 3 years in a grade to be in the zone of consideration for the promotion. Change to Composition of Review Committees section title to Composition of Unit Review Committees and clarify language added regarding eligibility to vote. 12. Seven of these members shall be elected by the Senate from a slate of nominees prepared by the Committee on Committees and Rules with provisions for nominations from the Senate floor. An important part of the whole tenure and review process for faculty members is that all parties to the process share common expectations and understandings. Prior to appointment, all faculty members should be informed by the appropriate officer of the University's policies and the procedures concerning promotion and tenure and, at least annually, as to the faculty member's responsibility to teaching, research and/or scholarly activity. See below for details and terms: Course purchases must be made by January 31, 2020. Administrative personnel who hold academic rank may qualify for academic promotion and tenure by virtue of their academic merit and promise, according to the criteria of the University and the appropriate academic unit. The effective date of this policy shall be July 1, 2005. India (Registration No. Dismissal will not be used to restrain or otherwise affect faculty members in the exercise of their individual or collective academic freedom or in contravention of other legal rights. Dr. John Boehmer, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, Penn State College of Medicine, held a question-and-answer session April 16, 2020, regarding the extension of the probationary tenure period due to COVID-19. Subsequent levels will bring broader faculty and administrative judgment to bear and will also monitor general standards of quality, equity and adequacy of the procedure used. Vacancy The promotions of officers are governed by the promotion policy as applicable to the grade to which the officers belongs. Business Services. The promotion and tenure policies of the University should contribute to academic excellence. Integrated Undergraduate/Graduate Student Processes; F-13. July 31, 2019 - Updated section "F. (Ranks for Faculty in the University Libraries)". Only one unit of this production shall be considered for the sake of promotion. Consultation among review levels, by committees and academic administrators, should take place when there is a need to clarify differences that arise during the review process. This responsibility involves the application of academic and professional judgment, in a framework of shared authority, among various levels of review and between faculty and administrative bodies. Within the procedures for granting or denying tenure and promotion, the presumption is that recommendations based on the professional expertise and competence of the faculty will usually be heeded. Figure 2 provides the promotion pathways for each rank category: Tenure is the keystone for academic freedom; safeguarding the right of free expression and risk-taking inquiry is the basis for tenure. Staying of the Provisional Tenure Period revised to include maximum of two years of stay, placement of a foster child in the home, and language for inclusion in promotion and tenure committee charge as well as deans’ letters to solicit evaluations from external reviewers. For more information about this event, email … The wide variety of academic and professional fields, and the broad range of programs within the University, make the development of detailed criteria, equally applicable to all fields, an unrewarding effort. Added non-tenure-line faculty in University Libraries, College of Medicine, Dickinson Law, and Penn State Law. Promotion and Tenure Policy. 2. Standards of notice as specified in Section IV.8 are not required in cases of dismissal for adequate cause. At the end of the stayed year the faculty member would continue on the tenure track. Likewise, the relevant college, department, and campus review committees shall be informed in private, if they so request, by the appropriate administrator as to the reasons for tenure denial and the level of tenure denial. All levels of review shall be concerned in some measure with both scholarly substance and quality and procedural adequacy and equity. Similarly, when adequate cause exists, a tenure-eligible faculty member may be terminated without adherence to the standards of notice specified in Section IV.8.

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