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The Beginner’s Guide to Marketing Automation, How to Use Live Chat Software for The Entire Buyer Journey, I love how easy GIST was to set up and the features that are continually being added on. Let’s face it: sometimes, it can be a challenge to keep your Twitter account exciting and fun. maybe retweet something? Learn more. Like taking a business trip. 4 Do a giveaway to announce your new Twitter account (may help gain followers). Good tweets are super easy when you have a great resource to get your ideas flowing! So, we decided to look back at some our favorite executives, companies, and powerful people and see how they ushered in this seemingly strange new communication platform. Being an early adopter of digital marketing products, it's hard to find ones... Read full review, What i like about Gist is their price combined with their essential marketing tools that you need every day on your operation. 9 Maybe your first round of tweets shouldn’t be public. O.k., don’t do that, but you can push back or ask pertinent, polite questions with someone you disagree with. so just be yourself and just have fun on twitter! Having an on-brand, professional Twitter profile helps you make a good first impression on new followers. Best and Worst First Tweets: Celebrity Edition. Each year we tweet nearly 200 billion times. These do surprisingly well on Twitter. 10. And remember to include a strong call to action. 20 #FridayFun show you or you team doing something that’s fun! Create a Twitter moments collection. Hit the link below. 6 Ask a question related to your industry, using hashtags. 11 Twitter marketing tips, ranked from easiest to most advanced 1. What was your first tweet? Handle. Researching this post, I was curious about my own first tweet…I found it. Twitter is all about conversation. 26 Get in a fight. I... Read full review, Since we made the switch from Convertkit to Gist we got several messages from leads and customers who where amazed by the personalized and well timed communication they received from us. 4. Could be a great way to ask for content followers would like to see. Keep your eye on the latest news, watch for trending topics and tweet the latest use Twitscoop to find out what's trending. Be First. Most of these ideas can help you improve engagement on your brand’s tweets, while some of them can even increase the visibility of your tweets. You’re thinking that it has to be profound, or deep, etc.. Connect your touchpoints; Don’t forget to have a plan! Here are some examples: 1. Jumping onto relevant social media holidays – or even real holidays that your audience celebrates – is a great way to engage your audience. — Josh Slone (@Josh_Slone) December 20, 2011. We’ll give you a few of our favorites in the next ideas we list, but here’s a post with 79 different options for every day of the week! Like what you do when you’re not in the office. 10 Some of your first tweets should be interactions with other tweets. Starting a good tweet can be very challenging, whether it's trendy or not. 19 #ThoughtfulThursday since you’re a startup and may not have much to “throwback”. Need Tweet ideas? Complete your profile. Grow traffic, convert more visitors, and run complete email marketing campaigns at scale. 13 Even happy anniversary (with your company). There you have it — all of the first tweet ideas I could think of, at the moment. Ideas for Fun on Facebook; How Do I Make a Podcast; How to Add Twitter to Your Blog ; Finding Funny Tweets. Googling what to write for my first tweet and variations thereof didn't really produce good answers. Get feedback on new products, ask a playful question, or have your followers be the tiebreaker on a decision. Happy Tweeting. Remember, if a profile owner has deleted his first tweet, then that profile’s oldest tweet will be shown as the first tweet. 21 March 2011 / 15:25GMT. © KELSEY Media Ltd, Cudham Tithe Barn, Berry’s Hill, Cudham, Kent TN16 3AG, England. Firstly, be brief. 3. No one wants to spend ages analysing your question to figure out what the heck you’re getting at. 2. Here are the first tweets that made me smile/laugh/cry: First up, Lady Gaga – she starts off great, but … Hello my filthy , fabulous, dirty rich, fame lovers. Or, if you prefer, what would you like it to have been? In this article, I'll give you 42 vetted ideas for the next time you have no idea what to tweet. Couldn’t do it without you guys, — SVU Writers Room (@SVUWritersRoom) April 30, 2019. How to Delete a Retweet on Twitter. Gist replaces 8+ tools for the price of one. The easiest way to stumble on creative funny tweets is by following funny people like comedians, satirists, talk show hosts and even shock jocks. Pay attention to what you’re saying, but don’t be afraid of it. Out of my mind. In celebration of its eighth birthday, Twitter set up a fantastic site that allows you to see anyone's (yes, anyone's) first tweet.. This tip is particularly important if you’re just getting started with Twitter. But hopefully, we can give you a bit of a push to spark your own ideas. 2 Pictures of your actual staff working (not like a stock image). 24 Quote someone. 27 The one word, or short phrase. Twitter has long established itself as the ultimate platform for sharing and exchanging feelings through social media. 31 First Tweet Ideas 1 A behind-the-scenes video of your office or studio to show people where you work. Here, change the since and until in the search, and you can find the first tweet. Introduce yourself by sending your first tweet; 5. Twitter is a really good business building tool and a really good relationship builder, but it’s also very easy to get overwhelmed by it and feel as if the conversation is moving too quickly to follow. There are first tweet ideas here for you. Today we’re sharing five things to Tweet about this July, illustrated with examples. It's time to light up the barbecue and inflate your pool floaties. It's also easy to run out of ideas VERY quickly! Marketing, sales, and support software that helps your business grow without compromise. We used this tactic before our big update. My favorite is the age old "Hello World" example from computer programmers and web developers. Tweet Early & Often. Coming up with interesting content ideas for tweets can be challenging for social media marketers. Here are 26 Twitter tips for beginners that you’ll wish you knew sooner: 1. Barack Obama: president and social media guru. You do this by sharing information, starting or responding to a discussion, favoriting others' tweets, and in general being a good Netizen. Others are better and others…are hilarious like this one. (Source) A first Tweet from Football pro Demaryius Thomas. All rights reserved. These folks are 2nd (team) to none. On Twitter, of course. However, a funny phrase or some such thing is also helpful. Both @biz and @ev have identical first tweets: "Just setting up my twttr." How do we know Eddie is telling the truth? Let us know. Tweet a Fascinating Fact. 2. Assist customers in real-time with a collaborative inbox, automation, and self-service support. No Twitter account would be complete without the British mutterings of Stephen Fry. 18 #WackyWednesday (If I told you something to do here, it wouldn’t be wacky, but if you’re not ready for that you can go with something like #wisdomwednesday.). Snooki: Twitter: @snooki. “Tweet a video recommending an affiliate product” Tweet a video recommending an affiliate product or an upcoming product launch you are having. If you’re a startup at any stage or a business (or anyone else on Twitter), we’re here to give you ideas. It's an easy to use integration and you can customise endlessly. You shouldn’t need to pay for separate platforms for live chat, knowledge base, chatbots, email marketing, automation and more. 17 #TechTuesday where you share a tool or piece of tech that you love or use regularly. Lady Gaga: Twitter: @ladygaga. A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove … Find the right people to follow; 6. Twitter says that videos are 6x more likely to be retweeted. I just ended up seeing some first tweets by celebrities and famous people and some sort-of ideas but I didn't really see any examples that I … The simple (or not so simple) way to find your old tweets Looking for good tweet examples for your Twitter marketing? In the early stages, you don’t have any baselines as far as how often to tweet or the best times to tweet. Research shows that Tweet copy with fewer than 50 characters generates 56% more engagement than Tweet copy with 50-100 characters." In the end, you should just start tweeting. Whether you’re wondering what you had to say about a particular subject back in the day or wanting to clean up your Twitter history (removing any, ahem, embarrassing tweets you may have sent), there are several ways to go about finding your old tweets.You can even easily find the first tweet you ever sent.Here’s how. Great way to kick things off :). They are constantly changing and improving their offering and the app is brilliant. To celebrate that, and nearly 30 billion tweets, we’ve compiled the first tweets from the great and good of social media . 3 Tease updates or upcoming releases. The shining sun and crowded beaches can only mean one thing — summer is officially here. Twitter's data actually suggests that even shorter tweets than this generate the most engagement. 50 Cent: Twitter: @50cent. 28 Conduct a poll. Make Someone Laugh. Twitter themselves have been experimenting with these lately. Love the chat feature, bots, marketing automation and booking meetings the most! But it really doesn’t. Twitter was cast off as a fad by many when it first appeared five years ago today. 15 Use the trending section to find something that is popular, preferably loosely related to what you do and tweet about it. Don’t tweet out a landing page trying to sell something. Victorinox unveils hard-as-nails Swiss Army Knife. Tell a joke with a tweet. Love our hard working #SVU stand in squad. 14 Run an offer or discount to celebrate your startup, or even just your Twitter account. Twitter is five today. Here are some ideas of funny things to tweet when you’re out of ideas. 2 Pictures of your actual staff working (not like a stock image). Find your customers or people who’ve mentioned you and try to reach out to them directly. Tell your network you’re on Twitter; 7. Sure, you may have an account, but it’s not really monitored or used. But you can send out so much content that you didn’t have to come up with. In fact, it works it’s way into many social media marketing strategies — for good reason! How to do that in a logical way when everything’s out of sync? When Twitter first bought in an algorithm for its home feed, many people weren’t happy. So here are 14 ideas for tweets that might, or … 29 Show when you’re “off” work. Here are 6 things to Tweet this July By Marissa Window Follow @TwitterBusiness Inspiration. The first tweet ever was from Twitter founder Jack Dorsey. These are 23 excellent ideas on what to tweet next. 25 Content that’s related to your products/services — like a realtor sharing a great blog from Zillow about the local area. Save some searches; 10. 8. With over 200 million users, 140 million tweets a day, and 30 billion tweets in total, Twitter's struggle for acceptance has earned a Hollywood ending. 43 percent of statistics are made up. They Tweet, you reply. most people retweet something for their first few tweets then start tweeting so they get used to twitter and feel comfortable with being heard! After a, erm, rousing start like that, how could the masses resist? My favourite nihilist @NeinQuarterly started with: "Schade. Read: How to Change Your Twitter Password. I have absolutely no idea what to write for my first tweet. People love watching people get on airplanes for some reason. 5. Best Tweet Ideas for Bloggers by Bloggers. just be yourself, twitter is all about you and what you enjoy! Are you looking for creative ways to improve your Twitter updates? These are the only 85 that matter. Social media holidays. 30 Show when you’re “on” work. before getting disconnected in the lift." Creative Twitter Ideas Guide 1. What is a Retweet. 21 #SaturdayShoutout to one of your customers, users, employees or anyone that deserves it. Consider how each element of your profile helps to reinforce your brand and inform audiences. To celebrate that, and nearly 30 billion tweets, we’ve compiled the first tweets from the great and good of social media. Who's laughing now? on twitter my very first tweet was ''@JaiBrooks1 is hot'' i now have 460 followers after 3 months! Twitter works best when we have conversations and we all like to share our expertise on a topic or two. Who's laughing now? Re-tweet the best jokes and write your own but be careful, it has to be funny! Most of my posts are just so I have my research handy to use wherever I am…this one is no exception. I looked at the first tweets from everyone on the Top 100 most followed list, and let me tell you, the rich and famous can be pretty boring.

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