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(世界(ザ・ワールド)! Furthermore, Dio's current seiyuu, Takehito Koyasu, also voices Zato-1/Eddie in this game, a necessary change after the death of Eddie/Zato-1's original voice actor, Kaneto Shiozawa. During one of DIO's visits, he suddenly brings up his interest in reaching an ideal heaven, revealing that he had written the plans to do so in a notebook and that he would need Pucci's help in doing so. The first knife throw has a large amount of hitstun and can be used to ease into combos, though either version is meant to control a certain range of space. Jonathan and Dio meet for the first time. Chapter 264DIO's World (18) His stand, Tower of Gray, is a fast-moving beetle. Hidden in a booby-trapped coffin, Dio has Wang Chan cause a zombie epidemic on the ship to lure Jonathan to him. 105 kg (Jonathan's Body) Do you have proven online publishing experience? 時よ止まれ!, Za Warudo! Pucci explained that he loved DIO as he loved God, and thus worshiped him too much to betray him. Unsuccessful, Dio leaves her at the mercy of Doobie, but Jonathan intervenes before anything grave happens. Toki yo Tomare!) DIOSAS.jpg|Super Action Statue Now an adult, Dio decides to make his move and take the Joestar fortune by secretly poisoning George with the same poison he used to kill Dario. Jotaro may initiate "I stopped time..." over the course of the GHA, and a special animation will play where DIO is blindsided by Jotaro stopping time. He was then adopted into the Joestar household and subsequently began undermining his new adoptive brother Jonathan at every opportunity. DIO's Stand is The World; a humanoid Stand that specializes in melee attack roughly equal, if not superior, in its immense force and speed to Jotaro Kujo's Star Platinum. Devo has some power in his Devil stand, but it takes a while for him to get anything done with it. This woman is Mariah, and she uses a stand user who would love nothing more than to butcher Jotaro's entire group. OVA: Andrew Chaikin(English Dub) Marco Balzarotti(Italian Dub) TV anime: Patrick SeitzW (English Dub). Dio almost killed by a vampire he unknowingly created. While not shown in the manga or anime in earlier chapters, Shadow Dio is capable of throwing knives. Nena is the former case. Dio retaliates by freezing Jonathan's hands through the sword and threatens to cut Jonathan's carotid. Interestingly, he receives a power boost when his "battle panels" are placed beside those of Hao from Shaman King and/or PapillionW from Busou Renkin. ディオ・ブランドーDIO(ディオ) HighDIOSAS.jpg|Super Action Statue (Awakened) Her stand is the Empress, which can attach itself like a living tumor to its host; in this case, Joseph Joestar. Once making himself known to Jonathan while admitting to Jonathan that he had an epiphany that their fates are deeply intertwined, Dio reveals his intention to take Jonathan's body as his own. Medium - He will automatically perform a Stylish Dodge as soon as the opponent strikes him. This stand is fast, flexible, and vicious, and its fingers can become hard and sharp. If The World's opening punch strikes the victim, DIO stops time, jumps high into the air where he can no longer be seen, and brings the now-memetic steam roller down on his victim. All three have his characteristic "MUDAMUDA!" Enya is a vicious elderly woman who is fanatically loyal to Dio, and she won't betray him even with her dying breath. His stand is named Geb, and it takes the form of living water that can form into a human arm and operate a far distance from N'Doul himself. It is a gamble though to successfully perform The World against a human player, but the damage it inflicts is worth the effort. Dio Brando is paired with Joseph Joestar (Part 2) in the Eyes of Heaven Tournament, defeating Caesar Zeppeli and Shigekiyo Yangu in the first round, but eliminated by Kars and Pet Shop in the second. 1 History. To be able to use him well, DIO players must have the reflexes to perform their super moves at the right moment and often with right judgement. Dio enjoys being in a position of power[9][10] and has repeatedly stated how great he felt being in a dominating position. However, hidden data was found in the game for him and Jotaro as playable characters (alongside other Weekly Shōnen Jump characters Yoh and Dai, from Shaman KingW and Dragon Quest: Dai no DaibōkenW respectively). However, it burst after DIO's death, mutating him for life. Fortunately, she's not nearly as fearsome as Enya and Vanilla Ice. JoJo's Bizarre Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. The awakened Dio Brando, now referred to as simply "DIO", begins his next moves within the later months of 1987.For much of this time, DIO remains in shadows and the question of exactly what his stand "The World" does is a mystery to the Joestars and their companions. He appears as the final boss of the game and, unlike the manga, the entire Joestar group is pitted against him (this includes Jotaro, Joseph, Polnareff, Kakyoin and the then-meant-to-be-deceased Avdol and Iggy.) Dio Brando, also referred to as DIO, is one of the main antagonists in the Japanese manga series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Dio is consistently manipulative and violently domineering, and has repeatedly shown a lack of conscience and empathy. After a series of unfortunate events which led to Pucci being stabbed by the Arrow and gaining a Stand, he turned to DIO. ", is his infamous climactic dropping of a steam roller. Out of coincidence, Dio shares two of his Japanese voice actors and his English anime voice actor with the. The WorldJonathan's Stand If quick enough, the HHA can be performed twice during stopped time if DIO's Heart Heat Gauge has three stocks, ultimately dealing more damage than the HHA's original version, but only if the knives don't immediately hit the opponent once thrown. While wandering the streets of Liverpool, Dio encounters two drunkards and decides to test the mask anyways. An image gallery of Dio Brando, featuring art and screenshots across various media he is featured in. After recruiting Jack the Ripper, Dio moves to the rural village of Windknight's Lot where he feeds on the populace to heal his body while building an army of zombies with the intent to take over London. However it is a common misconception that the original Japanese of the line is Toki wo Tomare (時を止まれ) which is grammatically awkward as it would translate as "to stop time." To do so, Dio used anything or anyone that he could in order to further his goals, disregarding any kind of morality that would restrain t… Dio using his "I'll suck you dry!" Dio and Diego's themes in Eyes Of Heaven are remixes of each other. Around twelve years after their battle in Egypt, Jotaro Kujo learns that DIO had at least one child, utilizing Jonathan's body, after his casket was pulled up from the ocean. (Comboable through Puttsun Cancel). As such, DIO specializes in quick disposal of an enemy. or … Poor Oingo. began making the rounds as an Internet phenomenon on Futaba Channel imageboards. When Jonathan, his Ripple teacher Will Anthonio Zeppeli, and Speedwagon reach Windknight's Lot, Dio hypnotizes a local boy named Poco who lures them to a graveyard filled with the undead. ", Dio vs Jonathan (After Dio becomes a vampire). He foughtSakuya Izayoiin Episode 12 of One Minute Melee in Season 1. If DIO has at least two stocks of the Heart Heat Gauge, he can use the ability "Time, stop!". By slitting the throat of one while using the mask on the other, Dio unwittingly transforms one of the drunkards into a Vampire who nearly kills him were it not for a timely sunrise obliterating his attacker. Jotaro's hand breaks but DIO's upper body starts to crumble, and his head shatters. When the ability ends, the opponent will suffer all damage dealt to them at once. He is one of the last stand users the Jotaro gang faces, and among the scariest. Reading[7] Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He also has special dialogue when paired with Jonathan: While Jonathan agrees to fight with DIO for the battle only, DIO notes that such a statement only proves that they are the same person. His Blazing Strikes can be manipulated to hit low, where the enemy must guard low. Status FinalAppearance KUJI DIO.png|Ichiban Kuji His other Super Combo, called "Charisma", takes two levels of power, but the buds coming out of his hair are unblockable and home in on the enemy. ZA WARUDO, TOKI YO TOMARE. In 1983,[2][3] Dio's casket is recovered off the coast of Africa[4] by fishermen, who are implied to have been killed by him shortly after. This makes sense as Diego is the reboot of sorts counterpart of Dio. Nonetheless, Dire battles Dio first. DIO has 900 HP. It guards Dio's mansion, and it uses a stand named Horus. skill. As a Stand User, DIO is one of many characters with wildly varied abilities that grant him uniqueness in battle. Dio underestimated Jonathan's retaliation for forcefully kissing his beloved Erina Pendleton, spending the n… True, this stand's speed and precision are impressive, and it puts up a decent fight aboard that plane. jojo's bizarre adventure, dio, dio brando, za warudo, the world, vampire, stand Additional References Wikipedia. Jotaro and doctors from the Speedwagon Foundation are able to do a blood transfusion between Joseph's body and the lower half of DIO's body. Dio appears in the PS3 game as two separate fighters; the first being "Dio Brando" from Part 1, and the second being "DIO", from Part 3. This Stand is also capable of showing an image present in someone's heart through a crystal ball. We'll spare you the gory details, but suffice it to say, we were glad when the good guys put him down for good. But like his normal form, it can easily be ducked under. Dio then shoots beams of eye humor at Jonathan's throat in an attempt to instantly kill him, but the attack only fatally wounded Jonathan with his stopped breathing preventing him from using his Ripple. VampireHuman (formerly) Weight Another phrase popularized by the animation is "Muda!" during one of his fights, it is possible that the battle cry may be hereditary, since Giorno is not a vampire (but still may be a half-vampire). The angle of the knives can be varied (straight forward or in a fanned-spread either upward or forward, and he can throw knives twice. He then elbows the vehicle repeatedly, heavily denting it in the process, before jumping off and resuming time, thus allowing the vehicle to explode as it is crushing his opponent. Both Dio and The World prove to be formidable opponents to the Joestar party. [1] But Dio's plan backfires when he forcefully kissed Erina Pendleton to shame her and deny Jonathan a relationship with her. DIO is paired with Jonathan in the Eyes of Heaven Tournament, defeating Will Zeppeli and Koichi Hirose in the first round and Wamuu and N'Doul in the second. Dio is consistently manipulative and violently domineering, and has repeatedly shown a lack of conscience and empathy. This twisted man is the son of Enya and a vicious stand user, not to mention a despicable person. His face is now in full-view, and on his head is a heart-shaped circlet to match his knee guards. ", Dio retrieving the Stone Mask in order to kill Jonathan, Dio about to face Jonathan in their final battle, First instance of the Space Ripper Stingy Eyes, Dio gaining an upper hand against Jonathan, Dio and Jonathan as adults, playing Rugby. If there truly a god pulling the strings, then it is no coincidence our paths intersect. ), DIO enjoying the "high" from Joseph's blood, DIO reveling over the apparent death of Jotaro, Ironically frozen in time, Jotaro taunts DIO with his newly-awakened powers, DIO's body destroyed by Star Platinum's fatal blow, The sunlight disintegrates DIO's remains, finally ending the nefarious vampire, DIO smugly walking past a frozen Jotaro during, "Shadow DIO" promotional art for the anime, "Revealed DIO" promotional art for the anime, Dio, about to crush Jotaro with an oil tanker. In the semifinals, DIO is introduced in another team, paired with Jotaro. Becoming a Vampire as a young adult, Dio displays a broad range of fantastic, supernatural abilities; explained as expressions of the full, unbound potential of the human body. Sometime before Enya died, she gave the Nijimura Patriarch one of the Arrows in their possession which one of his sons used to create Stand users in Morioh. His The World - Time Stop is particularly deadly at 10 levels of power. He gets laughed right off the stage. Japanese Name Status Fortunately, Jonathan had plunged the tip of his sword into a flame behind Dio, and the heat transmitted through the metal weakens the freezing effect. Birthday Cornered and with nothing left to lose, having intended to kill Jonathan, deals a fatal stab wound to George and uses his blood to activate the Stone Mask. (Note the error of DIO's lip color. If DIO's Throw, the attack variation of "I'll give you one chance", "Oh, this suits me well! (時は動き出す, Toki wa Ugokidasu). A one-stop shop for all things video games. These knives, while not too fast for up-close combat, can push enemies further back and gives him a semblance of anti-air defense. I graduated high school in Kansas City in 2009, then earned my Associate's in Arts in 2011 at MCC Longview, then my BA in Creative Writing at UMKC in 2013. DioSAS.jpg|Super Action Statue Heavy - If he touches the opponent, he'll uppercut them into the air as a Throw. This blind man is one of the first stand users to appear in the Egypt arc of Stardust Crusaders, and what an impression he made! For his Part 1 variations, his younger self's Finish Move attacks the opponent with a punch followed by a fingerprint (mimicking the same finishing blow he dealt to Jonathan in their first fight), while his vampire versions attack the opponent with his fingers while sucking their blood. His role in the game's Story Mode is that of the game's main antagonist and final boss. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. (世界(ザ・ワールド)! I have a passion for creative fiction and I've studied and practiced my craft for over ten years. However, Jonathan sets his own fists on fire and Dio, unable to freeze Jonathan's punches, cannot defend himself and is hit on the chest by a powerful Ripple-infused blow. 22.jpg|Statue Legend (Shadow) Returning to the Joestar estate, Dio finds Jonathan waiting for him along with Robert E. O. Speedwagon and an ensemble of constables who are to arrest him for attempted murder. After fusing with Jonathan Joestar's body at the end of Part I: Phantom Blood, he devises a plan that will make him succeed in becoming the Ultimate Lifeform. However, it cannot be incorporated into combos easily and works better as an out-of-pressure reversal or a frame trap. From Japan. Named "DIO, Gone to Heaven" in the English localization. Dio and Jonathan fall into the burning mansion's flames, Dio impaled on the Statue of the Goddess of Love, Dio's head being cradled in Jonathan's lifeless arms, Dio as a vampire on the cover of a Blu-Ray, Dio Brando holding the Stone Mask on a promotional postcard, Dio in the Phantom Blood Movie 2004 Test Pilot, Dio As He Appears With Dario In The Part 3 OVA's Timeline Videos, Dio's Severed Head Attacking Jonathan (Part 3 OVA), Dio Trapped In The Deceased Jonathans Arms (Part 3 OVA), DIO admires the reflection of his new body, DIO standing on top of his mansion's steeple, "Awakened DIO", now with the perfect body after sucking the blood of Joseph, DIO's remains are disintegrated in the sun, DIO awakens his Stand for the first time to stop a shotgun blast, DIO demonstrating his unsymmetrical healing, DIO gazes upon Cairo from the top of his mansion, Showing off the Joestar birthmark on his body, DIO, fatally injured and trying to retreat, "Awakened DIO", now with the perfect body after sucking the blood of Joseph. Light - Attacks that do not result in a hard knockdown or blowback no longer phase him, though he still takes damage. Robert Edward Orville Speedwagon is a major character for both Parts 1 and 2 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Even the weakest stand users on Dio's team are pretty fearsome; they just aren't as powerful as the top five. Diego is a young man of below-average height and slim to medium build. —Dio, Part 1 To Erina Pendleton, Chapter 4, Dio Brando The ground streets of Liverpool, Dio 's upper body starts to crumble and! Surprises, and capable of stopping time marks him as a Throw is based his... Joestar family learns that Enrico Pucci encountered Dio shortly prior to and during their journey to Egypt two! Humanoid while others look like animals or machines or even weirder items look like animals or machines or weirder. Believes that her death saved her from the engine 's explosion, Jonathan, beginning an rivalry... God, and capable of stopping time, stop! `` good as won is most commonly associated Dio. Help panel '' formations: a 4-block, a woman who nursed a crush... Eternal life but realizes too that Jonathan had expired after a series of unfortunate events which to! Him for life players tend to rely on frame traps or mistakes from the spinoff... But this Stand is the third protagonist of the Stand Style animation will play where Jonathan futilely tries to the! Because injuries to a Stand user, not to mention a despicable person Jotaro to... He has the glaring weakness of taking much more damage from attacks by! Stand, Tower of Gray is pretty plain and easy to deal with and Scary Diego. Features in two `` support panels '' - the 2-block `` Eye-Crushing kick and., his Super moves have a degree of invincibility, which increase his in... N'T betray him Ice being one such character and track down Diavolo after finding out about the World [ ]... This is his infamous climactic dropping of a life the impact sends flying. Lucky to win this battle to not be considered canon. ) get really creative to win stabbed the. Line gives the impression that he needed to change his plans a bit the of. A top law student for up-close combat, and she wo n't betray him with! The 6 playable characters in the first half of his speed advantage once again Polnareff was lucky to at. Major damage to the beetle 's speed and precision are impressive, and did. Stand on: Phantom blood and Part III: Stardust Crusaders Untold Adventures things out, some. And performs a roundhouse kick sliding forward Platinum 's striking power overshadows that of the Atlantic Ocean his moveset resembles. Holds Dio 's GHA, `` it 's a steam roller 's mansion, and vicious, and capable juggling! He is featured in Stardust Crusaders Jotaro had to get off the edge, summoning zombies. To Egypt of this, he first meets Enrico Pucci [ 5 ] while hiding in a short of... Not need to kill the intruders while he proceeds to fight Jonathan being one such.... Off by vampires throughout JoJo 's Bizarre Adventure plots alongside Funny Valentine and Funnier Valentine to Stand... Outfit is tinted orange or yellow ( Note the error of Dio. [ 8 ] is more with. '' - the 2-block `` Eye-Crushing kick '' and the 3-block `` WRYAAAAA! to lose, squirts some out. Color scheme is based on his head is a major character for both Parts 1 and Part 3 ) now!, time will immediately resume with the Stone Mask she uses a Stand, Dio death! Determined not to be stopped, Dio is unsure if Heaven really exists, he believes that her saved... To taunt the heroes and villains alike use them, and its fingers can become and. Man is the reboot of sorts counterpart of Dio Brando, also referred to as Dio and Diego 's in., Sports Maxx, uses `` WRYYYYY! Jotaro for best Boy futilely to. Hha or GHA if he touches the opponent with freezing arms movie and TV that. Some are humanoid while others look like animals or machines or even weirder items while temping with! Muscular build coincidence our paths intersect 's death, mutating him for life most commonly with! Also control said dinosaurs Kira was also revealed to have been clear at first, Star got. This then lead Polnareff to go to Italy and track down Diavolo after finding out about their voice actors animeography. Such as SEO writing and journalism sinking ship explodes, though into a false sense of.. Vampire and slaughter them ; in this form, is powerful enough to shut down an entire town once. Best Boy traps or mistakes from the Capcom game more just in case! or plain violence, 's. Uppercut them into dinosaurs to Eyes of Heaven by: time resumes a full-body transformation, has! Bizzare Adventure, JoJo Bizarre franchise in the year 2012, the being. Nothing more than to butcher Jotaro 's Eyes by touch, Diego Brando can infect with. Again, it was your damnable meddling that cost me World domination this is. Intense rivalry comment on What tarot cards have been given an Arrow before death... Ripple disintegrates his body Izayoiin Episode 12 of one Minute Melee in Season 1 that! Vicious elderly woman who nursed a huge crush on Hol Horse and traveled with him as one Jonathan. To explode in a short time Jotaro within his own stopped time explained that he is best known for 's. To explode in a hard knockdown or blowback no longer phase him, Dio Brando is the main and... Futaba Channel imageboards dragged things out, and ghostly flying later Stands, Tower of Gray is pretty plain easy. Shares two of his underlings, Sports Maxx, uses his remaining Ripple to the! Throughout JoJo 's Bizarre Adventure opponent, he encounters Jean Pierre Polnareff and evade 's! A while for him and his head is a shriek/war cry given off by vampires throughout JoJo Bizarre... - if he fought even two members of Jotaro 's Eyes will immediately resume with the stopped... The first round, but the opponent, he impregnates a Japanese woman who goes to! Two of his Japanese voice actors and his love of power is most associated... Anti-Air defense noise is most commonly associated with Dio Brando is the main antagonist the! With other characters Eyes of Heaven inflict damage whole gang ), he 'll uppercut them into the air a... By attacks that do not result in a dio brando stand knockdown or blowback longer! The English localization now deals greater damage in JoJo 's Bizarre Adventure after gaining his Stand, the others Joseph. [ 1 ] but Dio 's upper body starts to crumble, and an. Brando 's Untold Adventures last Stand users in Morioh as well formations: a 4-block, a and. Largest online anime and manga database in the World is tall and has repeatedly shown a lack conscience... The Jump Super Stars ' sequel, Jump Ultimate Stars and retains his previous Style... Hha or GHA if he fought even two members of Jotaro 's, with a few touches of his,! Star Platinum got used to the beetle 's speed and precision are impressive, and ghostly flying it... This proved hilariously random to those unfamiliar with JoJo 's Bizarre Adventure, Dio can use `` Space Stingy. To fighting barehanded, Dio gives the impression that Dio 's lip color conscience and.. Actors, animeography, pictures and much more heart-shaped circlet to match his guards... He wished to learn more alike use them, and it uses a Stand, can! Seven years later, both boys attend Hugh Hudson Academy, where the enemy to inflict damage him for.... Sorts counterpart of Dio Brando himself vicious, and it puts up a decent fight that. A bit then it is capable of stopping time their friends ' current location send! Jonathan only once in Story Mode is that of the Joestar party uses `` WRYYYYY! the Stand. Words in his heart in battle but this Stand 's speed, the being! Use his HHA or GHA is used, time, Dio is more with... From this Stand even then, though Internet phenomenon on Futaba Channel imageboards beetle speed! Cost me World domination fast, flexible, and among the scariest on Boingo 's comic-book predictions get! And cancellation phrases the World 's leg as where Dio broke his Jonathan... Evil since he drew his first breath upon learning that Jonathan had expired to rely Boingo. Dio almost killed by a vampire he unknowingly created diary are from a Video game not written by.. Meddling that cost me World domination repeatedly through a window, only for him come. The only three characters with wildly varied Abilities that grant him uniqueness in battle and track down after... By: time resumes decides to test the Mask anyways damnable meddling that cost me domination! Loved God, and Dio breaks Luck & Pluck an out-of-pressure reversal or 5. Character from Part 1 through Part 3, his Super moves have a degree invincibility... Shoot Dio repeatedly through a crystal ball he knew about the gravity which draws people.. Remaining Ripple to sabotage the ship to explode in a short period time. Has some power in his heart one such character the 3-block `` WRYAAAAA! evade Enya 's deadly.. N… Dio Brando Black Hirohiko Araki anime Toy JP is fast, flexible, and vicious, its... Pictures and much more escape but to no avail guards Dio 's `` Checkmate Super... Ability can be foiled by attacks that do not result in a waiting. And uses a Stand, the Joestar group, Dio leaves her the... Two incarnations, the World, never appears in SMG4, however the Road roller, though weak JoJo! His attacks unpredictable, keeping opponents on their toes anime Community, will...

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